Christine's Culinary Creations - YOUR Personal Chef Service
How it 5 easy steps.
It’s easy and affordable to have YOUR own Personal Chef…
#1 Call or email Chef Christine-(910)489-6527 or
#2 Make an appointment for YOUR FREE consultation, this can be in
      person (recommended- I will come to you) or by phone. During this
      appointment we will complete an assessment which will help me be
      sure that the meals I prepare for you are enjoyable for you while  
      being in your dietary requirements. Also, during this consultation, we
      will determine the type of service best suites your needs, your first
      cook date and what the costs will be.
#3 Hire me. As YOUR Personal Chef, I will prepare the meals YOU
      choose from the list in the "Current Clients-Menu Builder" tab. Once I
      receive your selections, I will do all your grocery shopping for those
      meals, then arrive at your home with all the cookware, tools and
      ingredients needed to prepare your scrumptious meals.  I will         
      package your freshly made meals, leave heating instructions and
      leave your kitchen spotless. The only evidence of me having been at
      your home is the stocked refrigerator and/or freezer and the
      delicious aroma of your prepared meals.
#4 Decide which delicious meal to enjoy first. No matter which meal
      you choose first, you can rest assured that it will be delicious and
      most importantly, convenient and healthy. Then all you have to do
      after you have a full belly is look forward to your next cook date.
#5 RELAX!!! Now you are able to enjoy your meals without having to go
      shopping, menu planning or preparing these meals. You won’t even
      have to get all dressed up and go out to a restaurant when you don’t
      want to or when you are too tired, because you have awesome food
      right in your refrigerator/freezer. All that is gladly taken care of by 
      yours truly...YOUR Personal Chef Christine.

 Happy Eating!!!
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