Christine's Culinary Creations - YOUR Personal Chef Service
What's for dinner?

Clean, fresh, healthy and deliciously customized meals of course!...

...NOT prepackaged, prefrozen, chemical and hormone laden dinners packed by machines!  And especially NOT deep fried, fatty, salty processed fast food.

Oh NO!!!  You deserve so much better!!!

How it works in 5 easy steps
It’s easy and affordable to have YOUR own Personal Chef…
#1 Call/text or email Chef Christine
      (910)489-6527 or
#2 Make an appointment for YOUR FREE consultation
      Can be in person or over the phone
#3 Hire me 
      You won't regret it. After you choose your menu and make your
      payment, I take care of everything from groceries to cooking and
      packaging your meals.
#4 Decide which meal to enjoy first
      With my easy heat and eat guide you'll be enjoying dinner with ease.
#5 RELAX and enjoy your family time!!!

 Happy Eating!!! 
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