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Before beginning services please read this important info:  

New Client Assessment Form
About you and you family
How do you prefer me to contact you?
How many will I be cooking for? Please indicate how many adults and childrren
Are you trying to control any health conditions through nutrition? If so, please explain.
Do you have specific food allergies/ sensitivites or major dislikes? If so, please explain.
Depending on the dish, I sometimes use cooking wine. Are you ok with this?
Depending on the dish, I vary between olive oil, coconut oil and ghee (clarified butter). Are you ok with these?
What are your favorite kinds of protein? Check all that apply.
Fish / Shellfish
For Poultry, what you prefer?
Please tell me what you use for milk and cheese.
How do you like your food salted? And how spicy do you like it?
Please tell me what appliances you have and if they are gas or electric.
How do you like to heat your food?
Do you have a thermometer for:
Do you have an extra fridge/freezer to store your meals if they don't all fit in your kithcen unit? If so, where?
Where is your fuse box and fire extinguisher? If so, where?
ALL pets must be secured and kept away from the kitchen while I'm there cooking? Please acknowledge below.
Where can I park my car?
Thankyou for completing this assessment. Insurance reqires I have one on file for each client I cook for.


Survey of Services
Personal Chef Service Survey
Please indicate how pleased you are with your overall experiece with Chef Christine.
If your score was 5 or less please explain how I need to improve.
How do you like the food tastes, varieties and healtful combinations?
If your score was 5 or less please explain how I can improve your food.
Since I've been cooking for you, how has your life improved? Click all that apply.
Less Stress
More family/free time
Improved labs
About the same
If you chose Other, please explain here:
Do you feel the costs of your service is reasonable?
Did you know you can earn discounts of up to 20% just for referring me to your friends, family and collegues? If they hire me, you get up to 20% off your next service after they hire me.
Please tell me more!
If you would you like to leave a short comment or testimonial, you can do so here.
How did you hear about my Personal Chef services?
Thankyou for completing this simple survey. It really does help me to know what you think so I can continue to provide you with excellent service.
Thank you!!!
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