Christine's Culinary Creations - YOUR Personal Chef Service
Party Platters, Sweets Buffets
and Drink Fountains

For more info and pricing for party platters, contact Chef Christine

(910) 489-6527

You can see more pics on my business Facebook page at:


*Pineapple BBQ Meatballs
*Baked Chicken Wings
*Veggie Tray
*Fruit Tray
*Spinach Dip & Chips
*Sandwich Tray
*Stuffed Mushroom Caps
*Ranch & Cheddar Potato 
*Stuffed Sweet Peppers
*Fresh Salad Bar


*Fresh Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits
*Cupcake Party Tray
*Mini Cup Cake Party Tray
*Assorted Cookie Tray
*1/4 Sheet Cake
*1/2 Sheet Cake
*Whole Sheet Cake
*3D Custom/Themed Cake
*Cake Pops

Beverage Fountain and Chocolate Fountain & Dipables also available.

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