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Survey of Services
Personal Chef Service Survey
Please indicate how pleased you are with your overall experiece with Chef Christine.
If your score was 5 or less please explain how I need to improve.
How do you like the food tastes, varieties and healtful combinations?
If your score was 5 or less please explain how I can improve your food.
Since I've been cooking for you, how has your life improved? Click all that apply.
Less Stress
More family/free time
Improved labs
About the same
If you chose Other, please explain here:
Do you feel the costs of your service is reasonable?
Did you know you can earn discounts of up to 20% just for referring me to your friends, family and collegues? If they hire me, you get up to 20% off your next service after they hire me.
Please tell me more!
If you would you like to leave a short comment or testimonial, you can do so here.
Thankyou for completing this simple survey. It really does help me to know what you think so I can continue to provide you with excellent service.
Thank you!!!
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