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Testimonials from Happy Clients

Here are some comments from a Customer Service Survey given to this customer after his
Intimate Dinner he secretly planned for his wife. I was extremely honored to provide their
 delicious and well planned out meal for their very special occasion.
“Food was seasoned to the very last bite, the chicken was amazing. Really enjoyed the broth in
 the rice,  brought out a very good flavor."
"Perfect portion size for dinner setting, but I wish I had more left overs. Everything was seasoned
to taste and your cheddar cheese biscuits were a very big hit!"
"Extremely impressive setup to include the uniform and own equipment. My wife and I were very pleased
 with your personality, love for your craft and overall level of professionalism."
"Very neat and clean appearance."  "Kitchen was very well cleaned after preparation and cooking."
"5 star dinner!"
-H. Murray, Fayetteville, NC
After the first 3 months of cooking weekly for this customer as his Personal Chef, when
 it was time to renew the Service Agreement for the next 3 months he filled out a Customer
 Service Survey given for Personal Chef Services rendered, the remarks were all positive and a "5 Star" rating was given.  A comment this client wrote on the survey was...
"Very flexible to our needs."
-E. Garcia, Fayetteville, NC


For a Wedding Cake provided recently  a Customer Service Survey was given and here are some
of the mother of the bride's comments:
"The cake was absolutely beautiful. People that attended the reception are still talking about it."
"You were very professional (appearance and friendliness)"
"I  honestly never tasted a cake so good!"
"Thank you for the freezing instructions for the anniversary layer. I would have never known what
to do."
When asked if this client would refer my service out her comment was:
When asked if this client felt the service and cake were at a reasonable cost her comment
" Very reasonable!"
This client's final comment:
"Thank you so much for making my baby girl's dream wedding cake. We were all very pleased
with how it turned out. You are the Best!"
-C. Wright, Sneeds Ferry,  NC


Another happy customer for her &her husband's 50th Anniversary Celebration Cake.

When given an after event survey the customer marked all positive answers for the
questions about our communications before/during/after her event, her cake and how she
felt every thing went at her celebration regarding the cake.

She also gave a rating of 5 stars!

When I met her to pick up equipment used for her cake, her husband, sisters and daughter
was with her and they all commented on how beautiful the cake was and they were especially pleased at how delicious it was as well.

Thank you Mrs. C. Clouston & Family, Hope Mills, NC

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