Once a community health worker, now a custom cake artist, I took the bold step into entrepreneurship to be more available to my youngest child while she finishes school, a choice I will never regret. 

I've been serving the public in one way or another since I was 17 years old. I believe it is my privilege and duty to do so to the best of my ability. I believe everyone deserves to be celebrated and that's why I use the talent God gave me to create delicious and beautiful cakes, cupcakes and cookies. 

I started out as a hobbiest cake maker over 25 years ago then became more serious in 2012. My skills have grown as has my knowledge and customer service. I really do love what I do. However, I have had to tailor my business as I have gracefully aged, and our economy has changed.

This is the reason, I serve customers/clients whose parties and events are for 50 or more guests only. 

I am truly grateful for all of my customers/clients. Your patronage has been a blessing to me and my family over the years.